CeGCC cross compiler for PocketPC

CeGCC is a cross-development environment for ARM-based systems (PDA's) running Windows CE. This means you can create PocketPC applications for handhelds that run Windows CE on an ARM processor. We provide a cross-compiler, but also a cross-debugger.

This project is free software. It bundles a number of other free software projects into a consistent and working set of development tools. The patches we need to apply to those other softwares are fed back to those projects for inclusion in their sources.

Our target platforms are the cygwin environment and GNU/Linux systems.

The common parts

GCC - the GNU compiler for C, C++, .. 4.1.0
binutils - the GNU binary utilities (gas, gld, ..) 2.17
newlib - a C library intended for use on embedded systems 1.14.0
GDB - the GNU debugger 6.4
bits and pieces (include files, basic runtime, ..) from the MinGW project 3.7


CeGCC gives you the choice to either develop applications based exclusively on the Windows CE environment, or to use a unix-like layer in addition to the Windows CE API, which makes porting applications much easier.

This is described in more detail in Choosing in which environment to develop.

The Linux based distribution

Your best option to start using CeGCC on Linux is to download the RPM. You can download from the SourceForge download page for CeGCC, your best bet is the latest distribution. You'll find that an RPM distribution is (at the time of this writing) slightly larger than 40 MB.

After completing the download, all you have to do is install it, using a command such as :

rpm -i --nodeps cegcc-cegcc-0.14-1.i586.rpm
The --nodeps argument is sometimes necessary, I'm not sure why.

After that, all the commands should be available under /opt/cegcc or /opt/mingw32ce as described in the rest of this documentation.

The Cygwin based distribution

To be written.



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