CeGCC cross compiler for PocketPC

Depending on the package you're using, CeGCC ships with a different number of DLL files. The arm-wince-cegcc distribution has three DLLs :

the arm-wince-mingw32ce distribution currently only has one DLL :
Note that these absolute file names are the ones found in the RPM images that we distribute.

The good thing about those DLLs is they allow you to create smaller and more efficient applications. DLLs are a good thing, let's be clear about that ! They do have a downside, however.

If you try to run an application that requires a DLL and that DLL isn't available, then Windows CE will simply tell you that this application or a part of it was not found. No reference to which DLL you're missing.

The DLLs which we ship in /opt/cegcc/arm-wince-cegcc/lib/device are stripped version, meant to be installed on your PDA. In the directory above, files of the same name (but bigger) exist. They are unstripped versions (they still contain named symbol definitions), which you don't need on your PDA.

Depending on the tools available to you, you will want to run commands such as

pcp /opt/cegcc/arm-wince-cegcc/lib/device/cegcc.dll :/windows/cegcc.dll
pcp /opt/cegcc/arm-wince-cegcc/lib/device/cegccthrd.dll :/windows/cegccthrd.dll
pcp /opt/cegcc/arm-wince-cegcc/lib/device/libstdc++.dll :/windows/libstdc++.dll
pcp /opt/mingw32ce/arm-wince-mingw32ce/bin/mingwm10.dll :/windows/mingwm10.dll



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